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Monday, December 11, 2017

The X's Goes to the Zoo.

Baton Rouge Zoo
Baton Rouge Zoo

I am always looking for cool and exciting things to do with the kids. Sometimes "cool and exciting" comes with a not so cool or exciting price tag. Finding things with discounts and coupons are the many ways my kids get to do the cool and exciting things. I have been wanting to take the kids to the zoo for the longest. Since moving to Baton Rouge, the X's have not been to the zoo. Even in Houston baby Lex has never been to the zoo, although she loves animals. While the zoo isn't an expensive ticket it could be a bit out of range for a single mom with three kids. On a regular day the zoo cost $8.75 for adults and teens, $7.75 for seniors, 5.75 for Children 2-12 and free for kids under 1. For the kids and I that would have been a cool $29.00. That's not bad at all, right? That is just the cost to get in. That does not include the food that the kids will no doubt, indeed want. And, it certainly doesn't cover the cost of the souvenirs to commemorate our trip to such an exciting place. One simply, cannot go to the zoo without enjoying a scenic trip on a train ride A trip to the zoo for four people could at minimum run you a cool $100. So you can understand how I will take my discounts wherever I can get them. That is why I was so glad to find that the zoo had a family day with a hefty discount on tickets. I thought this was absolutely the best thing ever.

The family day is Wednesdays from 2-4 pm. It cost only $1.50 per person to get in. Amazing!!! Deal!! Sold!!! I'll take 4 please. 

The X's take the zoo.

On this great find, you get the zoo. For us it felt as though we bought out the zoo. In Houston, you really can't enjoy the animals, learning facts, nor space. People everywhere!!! The X's got to take their time and take in all that zoo had to offer. While there were other people, seeing another patron was far and in between. You could really hear the animals.We got to talk to the zookeepers, who shared information about some of the animals. Something we would never have gotten, on a busier day. Not only did the place seem like it was all ours, the animals seemed to put on a show just for us. 

Baby Lex and MJ "talking" to the bison.

The bison really took a liking to Baby Lex. He watched everywhere she went. I would like to call baby Lex Dr. Doolittle. Xavier did a little experiment to test our theory. He made Baby Lex move from one side to the other just to see if the bison would follow along. The X's thought this was so cool. The fact that the bison watched Baby Lex brought a hearty laugh to us all. The kids were too excited to see a peacock up close as it strolled right in front of us. I had to keep baby Lex back because she kept wanting to give him a hug. Xavier thought it was so cool that the stingrays surfaced to the top of the water when I leaned over a little baby Lex. He thought they were saying "hi."

The rhino starting to make it's way to us. 

The monkeys starts swing. 

It seemed to me that once the animals noticed we were there, they started to move. I say this because there are multiple ways to view the animals. When we were not in their view, they laid there or sat there doing nothing.  This was also the case when we went to see the King of Wakanda. When we were approaching the black panther enclosure he began to talk to me. This may be in part to me being the T'challa whisperer. I'm not sure. I am one hundred percent sure that Chadwick and I are connected in some way. ( Don't judge me, that man is FINE!!) 

The X's were here. 

I am so glad the kids and I had the chance to experience such a cool and exciting thing on a budget. This was really an amazing time for not only Baby Lex but also MJ and Xavier. My son got an awesome date idea, and MJ got a chance to film her first "Youtube" video. We has such an amazing time that I would recommend that everyone check out The BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo. 

My little Youtuber recording her trip to the zoo.


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  1. I love the way you spend time with kids. They be so happy.