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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dance Party


Sometimes Baby Lex gets a little cranky. So I go through all the steps to make sure she is being taken care of. Clean diaper? Check! Fed? Check! Clothes dry? Check! Pains? Check! Milk? Check! Fever? Check! Cuddling? Check!

Nothing seems wrong. Baby Lex what is it? She is 18 months so her vocabulary is limited.  This is usually when Mattox grabs the phone to find Tidal. (It's our music streaming app of choice.) She frantically looks for the Trolls Soundtrack. Then she finds the song that will instantly put Baby Lex in a better mood. She hears the beginning of the song and her cries start to subside. Big sis knows what her little sister needs. Sometimes, Xavier joins in, but he is too cool for school.

And we have dancing!! The kitchen magically transforms into our own disco. She isn't crying anymore. She is happy. She is smiling. She is laughing. She is so my kid. It just turns our night right around. Whatever was bothering her, has now been danced off, thanks to some groovy tunes. Whatever it was she left it on the floor.  Dance party works like a charm.

Whenever I am having a wacky day, I totally have to dace it out. Great thing about dancing is all the benefits. According to the Better Health Channel, you can improve your mental functioning. heart, and lungs.

What do you do to relieve stress? Tell me below in the comments. 


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