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Friday, April 28, 2017

Ride or Die

There's this popular post on Instagram that says something along the lines of if it's real it will never leave. I truly hate how mass media makes it readily available for unhealthy sayings and practices reach the masses. I feel like there should be a disclaimer for the simple minded. I only say this because there are people in the world that live their lives by this. It makes me question the people surrounding them. Is there people around them co-signing this crap? I mean, seriously, how could you let your friend/son/daughter/sister/cousin/girlfriend think this type of thinking is okay?

While we are on the subject of unhealthy behavior. I hate the ride or die mentality. I hate how people think that you have to put up with endless bullshit to show someone you love them. Seriously people get mad when you stop putting up with their shit and think, "if it's real it will never leave." Where they do that at? Who told you this unhealthy behavior is love?

When I think about this I think about those people that enter into those relationships hoping that someone will change. I mean they endure whatever is thrown at them hoping that one day it will be better. Sometimes it does. Sometimes after years of cheating, lying, crying, mental abuse, physical abuse, baby mamas, and new babies. You finally get the relationship you wanted and all it cost you was years of blood, sweat and tears.

Congratulations!!! You are the best ride or die a person could ask for. You have proven that it was "real". Now when you look in the mirror you don't even recognize the person you used to be. So maybe it cost you your self-love. Was it worth it?


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