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Monday, January 9, 2017

Sleep Training

Sleep Training. Since sleep training Baby Lex the only word I know is “training.” What is sleep these days? Ha!! Let me stop being so dramatic. It’s bad but It’s not that bad. Baby Lex is actually doing better than I thought. So according to the experts over at   www.babycenter.com sleep training is defined as helping a baby fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night. Well sleeping through the night isn’t Baby Lex’s problem. It’s sleeping with me. I want my bed back Baby Lex!!! Lol! While sleep training, she wakes up at three am wanting to play. It’s the craziest thing. She normally would sleep through the night but now at three am its play time. I just ignore it. Nope! Not on my watch. I’m not acknowledging anything to do with a toy, a stuffed animal or nothing. I know this is my fault. Part of me kept her close because she is just so cuddly. Since she’s just turned a year it was time to hit another milestone.
There are three basic methods for sleep training. The “cry it out” method, the “no tears” approach and the “fade out” method. I basically use them all. No joke. I absolutely hate to hear my baby girl cry. But if there’s one thing Baby Lex’s older sister MJ taught me, is that I have to let her learn early. I don’t want five going on six years of crying, whining and tantrums. I love MJ, but I can’t do this double time.
To start the sleep process I turn on the Baby Lullaby station on Pandora. I’m sharing mine because you as the parent won’t be disappointed. 


Guys you seriously have to click the link.^^ This station plays songs you sing, but as a lullaby. You will hear Adele, Bruno Mars, Areosmith, Andre 3000, The Notorious B.I.G, Coldplay, and so many more. When I heard Fireworks by Katy Perry I said to myself this station is lit, like the kids say.  I find myself listening to it throughout the day. Like right now it’s playing Faithfully by Journey. Yes it plays the classic lullabies like Twinkle. Twinkle little star, Good night sleep tight, itsy bitsy spider and You are my sunshine. It’s very soothing like the classic rock radio station without all the chatter.

So now the music is all setup, we are now entering the first phase of our night. The cry it out phase. I want her to tough it out. I want her to start winding down for the night. The cry it out is the hardest part. Hearing her cry is so hurtful. So I had to try to stay busy during this time. This is usually when I’m trying to put the house back in functioning order. I try to make sure MJ and X-Man are doing their evening preparations for the next day. While I’m doing this I check on her to make sure everything is ok and I try to assure her that she doing a good job. She probably thinks I’m crazy. Like “woman I’m crying, is this what you want? Well is it?” Poor Baby Lex I know it is hard but you can do it is what I say when she gives me that look. I make sure though that I did not pick her up. This is the worst decision you can make. How do I know? I did this the first night. This just started the process all over again.

We will do the cry it out method for a few minutes. By this time she has worn herself out and is powering down. That’s when we move into the no tears phase. This is usually when I’m settling down from the night. I start but laying her down and sitting beside her so she can see my face. I make soft “shhhing” sounds. This is what I was doing when I heard Katy Perry on the Pandora station. Now it’s time to fade to black. I slowly I mean slowly back away. I don’t want a single sound made. Now it’s time to fade to black. I slowly, I mean slowly back away. I am trying to be cautious of noisy tile or stomping my toe. That’s easier said than done when you’re old and your bones pop, but quietly move away.

Score! Win! She’s out of there and the mommy goes wild!!! Go mommy, go mommy, It’s your birthday. Pardon me while I hit the Milly Rock.


So we’ve been doing this for almost a full  month. I can tell you it has gotten easier. A few nights she put up a bit of a fight but on a great night she just falls right to sleep. Like all new things, the more you do them, the better you become at them. I think we’re headed for success.


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