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Monday, January 9, 2017

Self-Care Mommy Style

Hey! How was your holiday? Hopefully you’ve got plenty of rest and lots of family time. I did absolutely nothing. HA! Well that’s not completely true. This week for me was about self-care. My kids were gone with family and friends in Houston. I took the time to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation. You could call me Molly from the Big Comfy Couch. I spent the week on my cousin’s big comfy couch. It was my friend. It welcomed me with open arms. I’m not exaggerating. This couch is so big you can sit comfortably with your legs folded and the big fluffy pillow behind you. See the picture below. I loved every minute of my time on that couch. I watched movies, ate good food, and had meaningful conversations while sitting my behind on what one might think a cloud would feel like.

I was supposed to just bring the kids to Houston and return home to Baton Rouge, however the lure of KODI beckon the movie buff inside. I watched Bad Moms, Sully, Suicide Squad, and a slew of Hallmark holiday movies. They could seriously use some color on that channel. That’s a whole other blog. I ordered in more than I wanted too. Pizza, Chinese, and Raising Cane’s. I enjoyed a very comical breakfast with love ones. I laughed more than I cried at any of the sappy movies I watched this week.

It was a week of self-care. It was a week to recharge my batteries. I seized the moment to take care of myself. It is important as the person that people depend on to refill my cup. I think as mothers people underestimate just how much we give of ourselves to the people we love. Self-care for me is replenishing my joy. Gathering my head. It’s like refilling the tank. I need self-care because I need to be able to give my lovely, wonderful, children the best part of me